Bringing back OneCare

You have a right to install what you paid for. Don't let planned obsolescence stop it.

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Compatible with Windows Vista 32 & 64bit, any edition, 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5 disc.
Now with Windows XP Support!

Curious what's under the hood?

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OneCare Installer

What is OneCare?

On the 31st May 2006, Microsoft released Windows Live OneCare, an all-in-one piece of software to tune-up your PC bundled with an Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Firewall.

Since 2009, OneCare was shutdown, along with the servers required to install and properly use the product. This brought it to a halt until now.

YouTuber MJD picked up a copy of the software from a thrift store and attempted to install it which you can view here. This however, didn't go as planned due to the servers being down, preventing the installation.

After requesting a copy of the disc, I was able to recreate an installer, bringing back OneCare from the dead.

OneCare Rewritten allows users who still have their discs to install OneCare for nostalgic purposes to re-experience a blast from the past.

Project Status

Here you can see the status of the project so far.

XP Support is currently under-way and in early beta. It CAN be installed.
Users with 2.0 discs cannot install on SP3 unless you have both discs.
Users with 2.5 discs can install natively on XP SP3.



Owners of installation media can now install OneCare without any issues.


Windows Live OneCare Firewall is functional and tested to be working.


Windows Live OneCare Antivirus is functional and working. This however runs outdated signatures.


Windows Live OneCare Anti-Malware is functional and working. This however runs outdated signatures.

Tune-Up Utilities

All Tune-Up utilities in OneCare Rewritten are functional, with the exception of Backup.

64-Bit Support

64-Bit support is available for Windows Vista as of OneCare Rewritten V0.1.2. 64-Bit XP is not supported.

Windows XP Support

Support for installing on Windows XP is now functional as of V0.1.5. This is only 32-Bit compatible however.


Online Backup

Unfortunately this portion of OneCare cannot be brought back from the dead. It utilised online Microsoft Services. A patch in future may be created to redirect to OneDrive, etc.

Printer Sharing

This feature is planned but at an uncertain state. Printer Sharing in OneCare requires online Microsoft Services.

OneCare Circles

This feature is planned but at an uncertain state. OneCare Circles requires online Microsoft Services.

OneCare Rewritten

So why does this project exist? This project exists because personally I disagree with planned obsolescence and reverse engineering is fascinating to me.

Being able to take a look at old software past its 'use by date' creates a nostalgic experience and can be fun to play with, to see how software has developed over time.

OneCare Installer

Why isn't the installer OneCare themed?

Originally, it was. However, further looking into Microsofts terms prohibts any re-use or reproduction of their material, punishable by law. I don't wish to be sued by Microsoft and so replaced the materials in the installer with some photo's of my servers, keeps it 'techy'.

System Requirements:

  • Your OneCare installation medium (OneCare Disc)
  • Microsoft .Net 4.0 (Runtime or full installation)
  • Windows Live ID Assistant
  • Windows Vista 32-Bit OR Windows Vista 64-Bit
OneCare Installer

Is it free?

While the OneCare Rewritten installer itself is free, the actual product, Microsoft Windows Live OneCare is a paid product. The OneCare Rewritten project is nothing more than a rebuilt installer for OneCare to continuue installation regardless of Microsoft Servers being available.

This means if you do not own functional installation medium, this software will NOT install OneCare.